Gear pumps

GPIG Magnetic drive Sealless volumetric gear pumps series, are made in order to pump viscous liquids, handle impurities in suspension and to withstand relatively high temperatures, while delivering a smooth flow.

Internal parts are accurate, so the performances are repeatable during time, furthermore they can reach high differential pressures.

Materials for alimentary products are also available.

The main application for these pumps is the installation of industrial fryers.


Pump average life MTBF is very long compared to the traditional pump/motor, due to the low number of rotational components during running.

  • Head up to 18 bar (261 PSI)
  • Flow up to 1600 l/h
  • Dry Self-priming up to 6 m (20 feet) of water.
  • Maximum fluid temperature 250°C (482°F), according to the pump configuration.
  • Maximum Static Pressure 20 bar (290 PSI)