Gear pumps

GREENPUMPS GPFG Magnetic drive Sealless volumetric gear pumps series, with a 24V motor, brushless, can be considered a high quality product, because they are able to move fluids also under the most difficult process conditions.

L’integrazione della pompa, motore e controllo della velocità di rotazione aggiunto ad un accoppiamento elettromagnetico, privo di perdite di fluido, fornisce al sistema un alto grado di affidabilità e versatilità.

Absence of mechanical seal or packing gland eliminates dangerous emission to protect the environment and workers.


Pump construction is available in different construction materials furthermore design accuracy permits zero pulsations in any condition.

Pump average life MTBF is very long compared to the traditional pump/motor, due to the low number of rotational components during running.

  • Head up to 9 bar (130 PSI)
  • Flow up to 190 l/h (0,7 GPM)
  • Dry Self-priming up to 8 m (26 feet) of water
  • Environment temperature range 5°C (41°F) up to 70°C (158°F), according to the pump configuration.
  • Maximum fluid temperature 95°C (203°F), according to the pump configuration.
  • Maximum Static Pressure 20 bar (290 PSI)